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Where to Find Board Candidates?

Without good direction, people lose their way;

the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances. – Proverbs 11:14 MSG

Serving on the board of a Christian nonprofit is a place of great respect and honor. It is a role that should be taken seriously. Yet, many nonprofits look for anyone that is willing to serve and fill a spot. Then, they are surprised when those board members are not active and involved. When looking for potential board members, here are some suggestions:

  1. Look to the churches that partner with you. Is there representation from several of them, not just one or two?

  2. Look to current committee members that volunteer their time. Can one of them move into the Board role?

  3. Look at individuals that consistently attend fundraisers and partner with you.

  4. Above all, seek out individuals that show their relationship with the Lord in their day-to-day lives. Is there fruit or examples of God in their lives?

As we steward God’s ministry, the standard of leadership on the Board must be individuals seeking to serve the Lord through guiding His ministries. One should never feel they have to beg individuals on the Board. Instead, we should look for strong candidates who will offer Godly counsel and wisdom.

I hope this information is practical and helpful. All of our mentors offer board training that stands apart offering not only the role of the board but also how to bring God into the Board room and how to lead through a crisis situation. Reach out to one of us today to learn how we help!


Ashley Graves

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