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What about succession planning?

Moses responded to GOD: “Let GOD, the God of the spirits of everyone living, set a man over this community to lead them, to show the way ahead and bring them back home so GOD’S community will not be like sheep without a shepherd.”

GOD said to Moses, “Take Joshua the son of Nun—the Spirit is in him!—and place your hand on him. Stand him before Eleazar the priest in front of the entire congregation and commission him with everyone watching. Pass your magisterial authority over to him so that the whole congregation of the People of Israel will listen obediently to him. He is to consult with Eleazar the priest who, using the oracle-Urim, will prayerfully advise him in the presence of GOD. He will command the People of Israel, the entire community, in all their comings and goings.”

Moses followed GOD’S orders. He took Joshua and stood him before Eleazar the priest in front of the entire community. He laid his hands on him and commissioned him, following the procedures GOD had given Moses. Numbers 27:15-22 – MSG

There are three practices of transition that God models for us in His ministries.

1. Moses prayed for his successor. – Moses did not decide on his own who would be next. He asked God for the person.

2. Joshua was surrounded with support. – Joshua was given the support of the priest. This could be interpreted as the support of the board. Joshua was not given the post alone.

3. Moses showed his support for the transition to the community. – Moses and the priest stood before the Israelites to communicate the transition. He gave his complete support and authority to Joshua. Too often predecessors hold on for too long, instead of blessing what the Lord is doing.

These practices are important for board members who need to transition as well as Executive Directors that transition. God must be the center of each decision to honor Him.

Five Stone Mentoring has extensive knowledge in succession planning and can customize a plan for your ministry. Reach out to one of us today to learn how we help!


Ashley Graves

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