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Time with the Father.

Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up, but kept going no matter what. – Spryte Loriano

Two and a half years ago, I went through a very tough season. The woman that I consider my spiritual mama went home to Heaven. We met weekly for almost six years, and this mighty prayer warrior taught me what it means to be a Godly wife, mother, daughter, friend, businesswoman, and child of God.

During that season, I remember what an accomplishment it was to get up and work because everything in me wanted to stay in bed. As I am typing this, I am overcome with how many of you might be in a similar season right now. Perhaps you have been in this season in the past.

The constant practice I have in this season, in the good seasons, in the normal seasons, is that I wake up every morning, fix my coffee, let my dogs in, read the Word, and journal. See this morning routine is my lifeline. I do not tell you this to brag. I tell you this to let you know in these tough seasons I am only crying to the Father. In the good times, I will be smiling at the Father, but the consistency in this practice keeps me close to my Heavenly Daddy when my broken heart says otherwise.

Why do we practice spiritual disciplines? Why is one of the first questions with those I mentor “What is your time like with the Lord?” Because these practices hold us up in trying times. They are a touch of peace and love when we are numb to the world. They guide us when we can’t even seem to breathe.

As a leader in the pro-life movement, you are a target for the enemy. Our greatest line of defense is our caring Father. If you are already connecting with Him regularly, well done. If like so many of us, life has gotten in the way of this time, go back to Him. Run back to the Father and make that time a priority.

Blessings & prayers,


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