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The Importance of Delegation

I mentioned last week that I am reading through Nehemiah and finding amazing parallels between this book and discussions I am having with Executive Directors about leadership and teamwork.

The walls and gates of Jerusalem needed to be rebuilt for many years but they were unable to complete the task. Nehemiah journeyed there and finally provided what they didn’t have: leadership. Nehemiah could be counted on, he showed that he was committed, and proved that he would protect his team all while being opposed and persecuted.

The people of Jerusalem not only needed a leader, but they also needed a vision. Nehemiah took months to survey and develop a plan. A good leader will have the ability to develop and articulate their plans to the team. Nehemiah not only directed his plans, but he also discussed them with a sense of hope.

One thing many leaders struggle with is delegating, right? Nehemiah understood and valued organization. He gave each person a job to do, then he showed them what to do and how to do it. Finally, the team was being set up to accomplish this huge task, with hope all while being under opposition.

The people of Jerusalem rebuilt the wall and repaired the gates. It took a great leader with a prayer life, commitment, vision, communication, planning, perseverance, and the ability to do the hard work with them. Could Nehemiah have done this on his own? Were the people of Jerusalem able to do this on their own? No, and No. It took teamwork!

If you are a leader in your ministry and need support, a listening ear, and guidance in being the best leader you can be, please reach out to one of us here with Five Stone Mentoring. We have been right where you are and would love nothing more than to walk with you.


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