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Take Time to Celebrate!

"Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs." Psalm 100:2 NIV

2023 is coming to an end. If you have been a part of the Five Stone community for several years, you are familiar with what is coming next! I challenge each of you to celebrate the WINS for 2023. Please take time to pray and journal through the following:

  1. What leadership WINS have you seen this year?

  2. What team WINS have you seen in 2023?

  3. What personal WINS helped you through 2023?

  4. How did you see God move in the ministry in 2023?

  5. How did He move in your personal life in 2023?

Please take time to celebrate and encourage the team with your list. They may need the reminder as well.

As you look to 2024, please reach out for one free consultation. I would love to talk through how I can assist you and the ministry in the new year!

Praying for you all,


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