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Happy New Year!

For still, the vision awaits its appointed time;

it hastens to the end—it will not lie.

If it seems slow, wait for it;

it will surely come; it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3 ESV

As we look to 2024, I have exciting news to share! Five Stone Mentoring was founded in 2019 as an answer to the problem of Christian nonprofit leaders staying at the organization for an average of eighteen months. My (Ashley) prayer was that by meeting weekly with leaders, they would begin to feel better equipped, trained, and supported to stay in their roles longer. When these leaders remained in their roles longer, the Christian nonprofits would gain traction and truly impact their communities and the world for generations to come.

I am pleased to say that in five short years, numbers show that it is working!

  • 97% of our clients said they are more confident in their role after working with us.

  • 96% say they are more equipped in leadership after working with us.

  • 95% affirm that their tenure in leadership was lengthened due to our help.

As Five Stone Mentoring matures and I complete my doctorate in strategic leadership, our name is changing. 

Five Stone Mentoring is now Five Stone Consulting.

Not much will change in how we walk beside leaders. We will still walk beside leaders and boards. Our Christian beliefs will continue to be the foundation for all leadership teachings. However, in the last year, we started offering a bit more to assist you.

  1. Bi-Monthly Leadership Newsletters to your email.

  2. Weekly and Bi-Monthly Coaching for Christian Executives.

  3. Monthly Coaching for Board Chairs who wish to do an excellent job but are not sure where to start.

  4. In-Person Training for teams, boards, and volunteers.

  5. Workshop Teachings on such topics as Spiritual Warfare, Boundaries in Ministry, Being a Strategic Leader, and many more.

  6. Keynote Speaking services for coalitions, banquets, and any other events.

Thank you for the honor of walking beside you.

May God continue to bless you and the ministry you lead!


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