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But God.

God will direct you. You will be able to endure.” – Exodus 18:23

Right before the Heartbeat Conference in 2020, I was almost done. My world experience (and business journals) were telling me that businesses would survive, much less grow due to the pandemic. What was I thinking? Why did I leave a safe salary? Where will I find a job now? These were just a few lies trickling through my mind.

But God…. He reminded me of the call to this ministry. Through speakers and devotionals and conversations, He affirmed over and over again that He called me here and would not forget me.

Within 10 days of the conference ending, five new clients had signed up to be clients with Five Stone Mentoring and five more had joined the leadership group. For a ministry that is just me, those are incredible numbers! Whose small business actually grows in the middle of a pandemic?!

How many of you are close to being done? The strain of a pandemic, the increase of AB minded clients, the new protocols and the worry of funds are A LOT. On top of that, many of you also have family issues, children concerns and health issues yourself. Many of you are tired, spent and done.

But God….

If the Lord is telling you to leave the ministry, I am not one to argue, but if it is your humanness telling you to leave, I am going to push back. What if you leave just before the breakthrough? What if He is waiting to give you a front row seat to His glory?

These seasons are tough. I am not discounting that at all. I have felt it. I have cried out to the Lord, and begged Him to remove me. BUT, I would have missed so much if I had left before my time. When He told me to leave, it was incredibly clear.

You do not have to lead alone. Our mentors are accepting new members every day.

Why don’t you join us?

Ashley Graves

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