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Empowering Christian
Nonprofit Leaders

Online Consulting for

Strategic Growth

Leader praying to God.

Leadership can be lonely.

We can help.

The average tenure of executives of nonprofits is 18 months, and it is even less when the nonprofit is in women's services or sex trafficking. The main pressure points are lack of training and retaining strong talent within the organization.

Five Stone Consulting trains and guides executives to increase tenures, in order that the organization retains traction toward their mission.

Woman getting coached by Five Stone Consulting.

The Five Stone Consulting curriculum
focuses on the
Five Stones of Leadership.

Health of Leadership & Organization


Donor Relations

Programs & Practices

Board Relations & Training

Meeting Room

Five Stone Equips, Encourages & Empowers Leaders for

Long-Term Success.

'When I came across Five Stone Consulting, I was feeling very overwhelmed and alone in my role. The first video conference with Ashley felt like a breath of fresh air and hope! I just had to present her proposal to the Board and pray that they would approve it.'

Cassie Walden, Executive Director

What I would say to anyone considering a consulting relationship through Five Stone is that it can be beneficial regardless of your tenure at your pregnancy center.’

Meredith Bailey,
Executive Director

Five Stone Consulting has helped me so much because I feel like I am clearer on my purpose. I feel like I have less emotion-driven decisions, and I feel like I can think with more clarity than I could before.'

Melissa Weber,
Executive Director

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